The art of the ombré


I decided for my very first blog post, I should talk about one of my favorite hairstyles. This is a picture of one of my lovely clients, Chelsea. I did Chelsea’s ombré this year and it was so very perfect for her hair. I LOVE ombrés and I do them relatively often. People are always afraid to do the ombré because they think it won’t look good with straight hair, or it will just look like their roots are coming in. Sometimes, honestly, specific hairstyles are not for everyone. BUT if your ombré is done correctly it will usually be beautiful. The secret to a fabulous ombré is making sure you know what tone you’re going for. If you walk in and tell your stylist you just want an ombré, she may not know exactly what you’re looking for. Do you want it to be warm with golden and/or copper tones? Or are you looking for something cool, icy, intense, and ashy?

For Chelsea, we went with a darker root. Her natural root was only a couple levels lighter than this. It is not always absolutely necessary to do a root color with an ombré, but if you’re looking for that extra dimension, adding a root color would be the right way to go! I mixed a cool, dark chocolate brown for her root color, lifted her ends with lightener, and toned with a neutral blonde. We didn’t want her ends to be too warm or too cool, so I decided on a neutral and natural toner to blend in with the rest. Chelsea went from a faded, mousy brown to a dimensional and fun ombré in just a few hours!

This was such a fun project for me and I am so excited for many more of these!



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