Why Blog?

Good morning friends! I’m writing my second post to show some vulnerability, to be honest, and to describe why a college drop out (who barely remembers the plot of almost every necessary literary book from ages 12-22) is writing a blog!

I always have big visions. I have ideas that I think other people care about. And I’ve realized recently, its possible others do care, I just need to learn when to take a deep breath, force myself to process internally, and stop speaking.

Anyways. I wanted to start this blog not just to share my work and offer tips and suggestions to anyone who may be following, but because I thought about how stinking cool it would be to have ANY sort of following on a blog that somehow tied hair and Jesus together. I want to do hair, as an art form, in a professional salon full of women who truly care about each other and our guests. How blessed am I that I can actually say I am in that place!!! This year has been so encouraging and affirming that I am currently exactly where God wants me, and I wanted to share this joy with others.

I was with a friend yesterday who happens to be an internet phenomenon because of his crazy and beautiful illustrations.

(Check it out, he’s stupid talented.)

This friend told me that if I want people to listen, I have to be honest.

So I am going to try to be honest about what I am struggling with. The days when I am in the middle of an up-do and I have no idea where it is going, or I do someone’s hair and spend the rest of the day questioning exactly how I did it. Ok, maybe I won’t be too honest, for the sake of any of my clients who could be following me. But I want to express that I constantly question myself and question why other stylists may be more successful than me, or busier, or have a bigger clientele. I work my butt off, ten hour days on my feet. And I want, so badly, to tell myself that it will all be worth it when I’m driving a Maserati after working a 6 minute day and heading home to my TSwift size mansion. But I know that’s not why we are called to work and thats not why we should work hard. The Bible tells us to work hard at whatever we do [Colossians 3:22-24], and hey, there are different kinds of success, right? I can work hard just because that is what God calls me to do, and there is so much joy in doing what He asks of us, but also simply because I love my job. I LOVE what I do, thats more success than some of the richest men in the world will ever have.

So I am blogging because I process everything externally. Most All of what I say comes out raw and unprocessed. But when I write it down, I can edit and erase most of the silly thoughts that have nothing to do with the point I am trying to make. I think if I could get rid of most of the junk, people might be able to hear some of the cool ideas I have! Not all my ideas are cool. I am sorry, none of my ideas are cool. But sometimes they are worthwhile listening to 🙂 I have so many thoughts on hair and beauty and Jesus and puppies, but I am going to try to get through that and just bring out the really important ones. If I had any sort of following and people were willing to hear what I have to say about Jesus because of what I have to say about hair, or vice versa, I would say that’s the equivalent of my imaginary Maserati/mansion success.



5 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Girrrrrl, you are on point. Keep it coming, please! I think your friend was right that your honesty and rawness are what will draw people to this blog. That’s what I want to read. I want to see that beautiful, talented Maddie is a vulnerable, imperfect human like me, and I want to admire and be inspired by the bravery and self-acceptance it takes to share that with the world.

    And puppies!

  2. WOW! I loved this Maddie, thank you so much for sharing! You have such a huge heart you are going to be wildly successful!!! I feel honored to be able to work beside you! God Bless

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