Fully Embrace Your Short Hair

I would love to enter a room full of women and ask them how many of them have a haircut they regret. How many women, daily, chop their hair off and regret it some amount of time later?

We’ve all done it. You go to the salon, you feel empowered, you’re either in a really awesome phase of your life where everything is rainbows and you think the haircut will be the icing on top of the cake. Or, everything sucks, your boyfriend just dumped you, you hate your job, your friends are all in these really great relationships and don’t understand where you’re coming from. It’s always one of the two. So you chop your hair!

I’m here to say, it’s ok!

Don’t go into immediate regret and remorse post haircut. Embrace the short hair! Be unique and different. Don’t be scared, enjoy it.

Short hair is certainly not for everyone. Be intentional about seeking the right cut, the right shape, the right length, the right amount of layers (if any) for your specific face shape, body type, and hair texture. I’ll share a couple of my favorite short haircuts I’ve done recently.





This lovely guest was attached to her long hair but wasn’t crazy about the short layers. She decided to chop it off but wanted to make sure it was below her chin, closer to her collar-bone. We incorporated the short layers she had from her long hair and blended them in with her shorter hair. It blended perfectly and made for a super cute and fun short haircut!





This lovely lady was sick of dealing with all of THAT HAIR! So we cut off quite a bit. She wanted to make sure that you would really be able to see the angle and the layers. So we went for a long bob with accentuated layers. This look is perfect for curly hair! It gives your hair bounce and shape.

OR be super bold and go for a fun pixie!


Liz is no stranger to the short hair, and look how good it looks on her! We went for some baby bangs, to add even more depth to the short hair. Liz’s short hair perfectly complements her beautiful, long neck! It looked GREAT on her!

I will be honest. I wasn’t always crazy about short haircuts. Anything shorter than the collarbone frightened me. It is not always easy to cut and you really need to know the guests hair type. It is very easy to cut off too much off the length, or too much off the layers and create a hole. Be sure you know your stylist well, and make sure he/she is familiar with short hair! I’ve spent the last couple of years continuing my education and learning under a great teacher, and I’ve become very comfortable with short cuts. When you know exactly what you’re going for, and what will be best suiting to your body type and hair type, it can be incredibly flattering and beautiful. Some people are just meant to be short hair people. Rock it.



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