5 Secrets to Washing your Hair Less!

I decided this was an appropriate post for me because earlier this week, I woke up, and realized it had been 8 DAYS since I last washed my hair. 8 DAYS!!! Monday to Tuesday of the following week!

I am ashamed. Although I will be honest, I’m actually very proud of myself. Obviously I shower every day, but it is not necessary to always wash your hair! In fact, it is better for your hair to let it soak in the natural oils (ew, sorry) and wash it less. My friends are always asking me how I go so long, so I suppose I will spill a few of my secrets.

1.) Dry Shampoo.

I don’t mean the store bought $6 Dry Shampoo, I mean REAL Dry Shampoo. My favorite one is by a line called Davines that we use, love, and cherish at the salon. It smells nice (which is important for unwashed/stinky hair) and it really works. I usually apply it directly onto the areas that appear a bit more greasy. But be cautious, it’s powerful. Using too much can make your hair a little white or powdery looking. If this happens, I usually blow dry it a bit, let it settle, and rub it in. It usually fades into the hair and gives the illusion of cleanness! Check it out.


2. Baby powder.

Yes. Baby powder. Whether its CVS or Johnson&Johnson, your every day baby powder is MOST important! I truly believe baby powder is stronger than dry shampoo. Throw the baby powder directly onto your hair/scalp where it is most greasy, rub it in, let it settle for a minute, and blow dry it in. The lighter your hair is, the better this will work. However, you can still use it if your hair is dark! Just be extra cautious and start off small. You can always add more. I put baby powder in my hair every day after the first day I wash it. It seems weird but it really works and it is seriously life-changing.

3. Styling.

Unless you have very thick, coarse, or curly hair, most likely you will need to style around how dirty your hair is. My hair is very flat and straight. So the first day it is clean I blow dry it smooth and straight and I can usually get away with this style the second day as well. After that I have to curl it. I curl it the third and fourth day, and then, I have to wear it up, or..

4. Hats.

No explanation necessary. Cover that dirty hair right up. No one has to know how gross it is under your hat! (Sorry).

5. Up-dos.

Pony tails, messy buns, sock buns, and any other fun or cute up-do you can come up with will become your best friend! By the fifth day and anything after that, I usually need to wear my hair up. I will show you a few of my go-to’s, simply because of how easy they are!

The Pony Tail


I am definitely cheating in this picture, just FYI. I have a full set of extensions in. That is because you do not want to see the sad and pathetic ponytail that exists without the extra hair.

The great part about this hair style is that you cannot tell how dirty my hair is! Slick it back with as much hairspray as you need and create a full and bouncy ponytail. Depending on how you style it it can be really cute!

The Messy Bun


Start with a slick back pony


(see how sad it is)

Determine your own tightness or looseness. For a messier bun, I prefer the pony to be slightly looser for that more tousled affect. You may feel differently, if you’re looking for a more polished look.

Then, all you need is a single bobby pin! Twist the pony into a bun shape and slide the bobby pin in exactly where the tail ends. You may need a few bobby pins depending on how thick, or thin, your hair is! Then voila!photo%201-2Ā 

The Sock bun



For the sock bun, start off with the pony again, this time a little bit tighter. Then you may use a real sock or you can use one of the sock bun tubes you can buy pretty much anywhere. I prefer the tube because it makes my hair look a little bit thicker and fuller, necessary for my poor, thin hair. Whether sock or tube, choose one close to your hair color.


Place the tube directly onto the pony,


Twist the hair around the bun, teasing it if you need to. Then use a big elastic and place it around the bun to keep it in place. Shorter hair or layers may require a few bobby pins and/or hairspray, use accordingly.

My next post will most likely be a few video tutorials on how to do these styles. It may take a few tries the first time but it is actually really easy. These are quick, 5 minute hairstyles, for your hair’s dirtiest of days!

Also remember, if you’re used to washing your hair every day, your hair is going to expect that as well. Going longer in between washes takes training. Start small. Don’t expect to go from zero days to eight days immediately. Start by pushing it an extra day, and then in a month or so, push it another day, and so on. I used to wash my hair every single day because it would be SO greasy. And now I am at the point that my hair can hold it out as long as eight days!

And by the way thats disgusting so if you can’t make it eight days, don’t beat yourself up over it šŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “5 Secrets to Washing your Hair Less!

  1. Maddie…..I need the dry shampoo to try! How much? I have tried powder and it makes my hair feel gross :-). Love the post! As a momma juggling many task, I look for easy so that I can focus on playing with my little man!

    • Yes I can completely understand! You don’t want to have to take the time every day to wash your hair, it’s a pain! This dry shampoo sells for $30 at the salon, we have another one by Redken that I like a lot too. It’s only $16 and it works really well it just doesn’t smell quite as nice, haha!

  2. (Sorry for all the spelling and grammatical mistakes I will certainly make, I am French and I can’t write English very well)
    Thank you for your tip about using baby powder, it’s the only product that is working for my oily hair. I can wash my hair every two days. Thank you, thank you!!!

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