Own that Pony Tail

Hi friends!

I am creating this post to show you guys, a bit more clearly, how to do a cute pony or bun.
Remember, you can ALWAYS dress up your up-do with a fun statement necklace, a collared shirt, or bright lipstick. Or, all of the above!
If you are still struggling after watching these tutorials, stop by the salon!
Did you know that we offer this as a service? You can stop in any time and I can teach you step by step how to do this to your hair. Come in before a night out and let me help you!
Call Devenir Salon anytime at (401)572-3900, and please check out our website here !

Please watch this video tutorial. It will fully explain how to do a few different styles. There are so many ways to do a cute up-do and I promise to post them! Just wanted to share a few of the easy/every day styles. Enjoy!

A great way to dress up an up-do; bright lipstick! This is the color I am wearing in the video. Heroin by Mac. Check it out!

20140218-115005.jpgThanks guys, happy Thursday!



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