Best and Worst of the Oscars 2014

Hi guys!

I wanted to write a post about some of the hair I witnessed at the Oscars. It’s one of the things I look most forward to at any award show because  the majority of these celebrities have some of the best stylists. So I am always curious to see what looks can inspire me, and what looks make me question everything I believe in.

I’ll start with a few of my favorites.

Olivia Wilde (what a stunning human, am I right?) had a beautiful soft and tousled up-do. It was the perfect blend of soft and romantic yet composed. This is the type of up-do brides ask for all the time! It was pulled back, conveniently, but with enough pieces in the front to keep the whole look very soft. Loved it!

Sandra Bullock’s hair was not only styled beautifully but the color was perfect. It looks as though she has a few honey/caramel pieces balayaged in her rich, dark color. The loose, big curls are perfect and smooth to complement her  gorgeous cheekbones and perfect neckline.


First of all, Kate Hudson is beyond beautiful. She literally ALWAYS looks good. And her hair is perfect. I was loving how soft her hair was styled, yet it was still  totally glamorous. Not to mention how perfect her color is. I love the really bright blonde pieces framing her face. This is one of my favorite ways to foil a blonde so you can really see the dimension. Kate Hudson is the perfect candidate for it and looked absolutely stunning.


Maria Menounos is just the cutest. She always looks beautiful. Her hair was perfect at the Oscars this sunday. I love how it looks so effortless. It almost looks like something you would find on Pinterest and could do at home, but it’s not 🙂 I love the intricacy in the back. You can really see some of the detail, yet it still looks soft. Her makeup was also incredibly on point. She was stunning this Sunday evening.


Last but not least, my absolute favorite hairstyle; Jared Leto. Ladies and gentlemen, this does not happen naturally. He has a complete ombre. But it is beautiful! I can’t wait for all of the women (and maybe men) who will stop by the salon with Leto’s picture. I joke, but honestly, it’s gorgeous. It is perfectly blended so that any 30 Seconds to Mars fans won’t have any idea he had his color done.


Now I certainly do not want to poke fun. However, there were a few looks I was not crazy about. In my humble opinion, I did feel pretty strongly about a few looks.

I am actually not positive I love Jennifer Lawrence’s short hair, I think I’m still figuring it out. But I certainly did not love it on Sunday. She has a relatively large forehead and I don’t think slicking back her short hair was the best way to complement that. I also maybe didn’t find her best picture of the night 🙂


I love Emma Watson. I think she is beautiful and perfect and I just have no idea what she was thinking on Sunday. She made such a statement when she cut her hair that it seems crazy to me that she could settle for something like this. It looks like something my niece could do to my hair if she spent 10 minutes playing with it/twisting it and added some butterfly clips. Certainly not my favorite for such a beautiful girl!


Last but certainly not least, Liza Minelli. There are no words necessary.


Thanks for reading, guys! I am so excited to practice a few of these up-dos on friends and maybe I will even make a tutorial to show you guys how to do similar looks at home.

Have a lovely afternoon!



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