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Today I am going to write about fashion hair colors because one of the girls at the salon just went for a teal ombre and I figured it was time to share my thoughts, feelings, and tips on fashion colors!

First of all. You cannot just go from having black hair from years of box dye, suddenly deciding to be pastel pink and your hair will be perfect. It is usually (99.9% of the time) a process. In order to get the right color you are looking for, it will probably require lightening the hair and then applying the color. Nine times out of ten, the lightening process requires more work than just bleaching your hair out in a simple one hour process.

For example. My hair is currently a level 6/7. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s somewhere between a medium and a light brown. I have a good amount of blonde highlights in my hair. I want to be a pastel silver color, in the next few months. Even though I have some blonde, it is not enough to just put silver hair color over my head. Especially for silver, my hair will need to be white blonde. My hair is also kind of damaged, so in order to do it in the safest way I will have to start by just highlighting. So I will probably do about three full head foils to be totally blonde before I can go silver. It is going to take a few months. I am totally okay with this because I love being blonde! But not everyone is prepared for the process of lightening before you can do any type of fashion color.

My friend Vanessa has bleached her whole head out a couple of times. But when she first started her process she had to just highlight before she could go purple. It has taken years for her hair to look the way it does. She used to have a darker more intense purple and then she bleached her hair again to get closer to the lavender color, similar to Kelly Osbourne.

I will warn you though, bleaching your hair is not a simple task. Often times when you bleach your whole head you will need a decent haircut. And in certain cases, if your hair is really dark, it won’t always lift to be light enough to color over it.

Anyways. My friend Vanessa has been every shade of purple. With her hair already being purple it is easier now  to mess with the formula and get the right shade she is looking for. Take a look!




Last year she wanted something with more pink in the purple. It looked great both ways!

One of the other girls at the salon had a black-red ombre. She then bleached over the red and put dark blue Pravana color on her ends. The blue looked great but it was just a little dark. We did a full ombre on her, with bleach, and went over the lighter pieces (twice before the color totally look) to be this beautiful teal-colored ombre. Because of all that Kelly had done to her hair we did need to cut a couple of inches. But the color looked awesome! It was definitely worth it.

photo%201-7 photo%202-7

Kelly’s hair came out awesome but it was no easy process. The reason I am talking about this is because I want to stress  how important it is that everyone realizes this is NOT an easy process. Unless your hair is already white blonde, you cannot just be any color you want in a two hour process, usually. Usually there are ways to figure out how to get the hair to be the right color, but sometimes it takes a few visits or a few separate processes.

Sometimes, however, it does not! Last year I wanted my hair to be bright red. Sometimes with red hair it takes a little bit better if your hair is light enough. I wasn’t blonde last year when I went red. My hair was a pretty neutral brown color. Then I went red with just Redken hair color, and it was pretty bright. But I wanted to be fire engine, completely unnatural red, so I used Pravana red. Then I was this color ;


It was the exact red I wanted and it was so much fun!

What I want to strongly warn all of my followers, is that these colors are incredibly difficult to get into the hair, and even worse to get out. I started taking the red out of my hair over a year ago, and I am STILL dealing with it! When I ligthen my hair, it turns this orangey color, leftover from the red that was in there so long ago. When I first tried to get rid of the red, my hair was black, then red brown, then red brown with orange highlights. It’s reached a place now where it can get pretty light, but again, it still pulls a little of that orange color.

I don’t want to scare anyone into not getting a fashion color in their hair. I love the bright and fun colors! I just want to warn you all that it is not totally easy. Be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t hate your hairdresser if he/she tells you its going to take some time. And don’t hate them if you lose a little hair. Just know that your hair can be healed with time and the right products and a good haircut.

I am all for doing something different or funky with your hair. Just make sure you are totally honest with your hairdresser about all you’ve done to your hair within the last ten years. And be prepared for what could potentially be a long hair journey. And it might not! You might be lucky. It may actually just be a two hour process and your hair could be beautiful and still healthy. But just be prepared for whatever it could be. Do your research and know exactly what color, shade, level, and tone you’re looking for.

I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to book a consultation with me and we can talk more about what it will take to get your hair to the PERFECT color!

Happy afternoon friends, enjoy the daylight 😉


9 thoughts on “Fashion Hair Colors

  1. Hi! I was wondering what colors you used to achieve that gorgeous green dip dye. We bleached my hair then used a combination of pravana alpine green and teal but it came out super bright and has faded to a much lighter yellowish green and blueish turquoise in one wash. I had wanted dark green like your client, maybe darker. Could you provide any advice?

    • Hi! I believe we mixed the dark green and the dark blue pravana’s with some conditioner to dilute. Unfortunately these colors do fade quickly and strangely 😦 but I have found some better luck with Joico color! It seems to last a little bit longer. Good luck! 🙂 and please feel free to check out my new website at

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