Highlighted Hair

Hi guys!

I decided that this would be my next post because I am so sick of seeing bad highlights! When you have highlights done to your hair, there is an art. There are ways of foiling to get the specific look you are going for. And I hate to say this, but so few hairstylists know many of the tricks!

We’ve all seen those wretched looking chunky highlights. I recently had a guest come in who had gone somewhere and wanted very soft and natural highlights and left with very thick and unnatural looking highlights. She stopped in this week with me and we were able to blend it out a bit by adding some very soft and natural lowlights with a few soft highlights to break up the heavily highlighted pieces. It made her hair much softer and natural looking.

It’s all in the weave

When you foil somebody’s hair, there is something called a weave. The weave is in the section you take. You determine  how thick the section will look by the weave. Important: whatever weave you may choose, it should ALWAYS be the same width. If you do want the highlights to look thicker, maybe for a more dramatic look, the weaves should still be very thin, but they should be back to back, instead of just taking a thicker section. Thicker sections cause bleed marks, lines of demarcation, and a very unnatural look. If you are looking for something with a little bit more dimension, take thin sections and foil back to back.

Most of this is gibberish, I know. But if you are looking for something natural and soft and you see your stylist taking a section that looks something like this:


You should beware! That section is way too thick. It is possible this picture was for a different technique, however if you are getting foils that look like this you should watch out.

There is an art to foiling. There are so many different ways to highlight hair, right and wrong. But it all comes down to placement of the foils. I LOVE the look of the really bright blonde framing the face, I always think it gives the hair great depth and dimension. And if you look at a lot of celebrities who have highlights, you’ll notice the really bright pieces framing their face.

fd540716de097eef77ce22c56f364a04 d174e0a2e7d853f2c984d0c2f0708e26 94268c8c714e7a11b4058d8399deb034

Every one of these celebs have the bright pieces in the front. But if you look really closely, they have some very natural highlights through out, after the front pieces. This is from the placement! This is not just your everyday highlight or root color or ombre technique. There are clearly a few foils placed back to back around the front, framing the face, and then some very thin and natural weaved foils throughout the rest of the hair.

In the early 2000’s, Kelly Clarkson started the trend of the very thick and chunky highlights. They have never been my favorite.

ce36a7c9856b32c24e07625521f7e710 IMG_1847

I don’t love this kind of highlighted look, but if you ARE looking for something like this, the best way to do it is with back to back foils throughout the hair, and NOT by taking thicker sections.

These are some of the pictures of the guest I had come in with the really thick highlights that she was unhappy with. I WISH I took a before picture to show the drastic difference, but you can tell from these after pictures how natural the highlights look after we were able to do quite a few natural lowlights and highlights. I was so pleased with the results! This highlighted look is so natural that once your roots start to grow in you don’t notice them quite as much, it was perfect for her hair!

photo%204-5 photo%202-8 photo%204-4

Last week I had a guest who had some pretty natural highlights, but she was looking for something that would help her blonde hair stand out. She wanted it to be soft and natural but to stand out a bit more, to look more blonde without bleaching her whole head out. I did quite a few back to back foils to make the blonde a bit heavier, it was perfect for her and made her blonde hair stand out.

photo%201-8 photo%203-4 photo-8

A similar look on another client of mine who is already pretty light, naturally; we put in a few highlights and lowlights that would be natural but still dimensional and would stand out.



My point of this post is to inform and to warn anyone looking for highlights. Make sure you know your stylist knows exactly what look you are going for, and make sure you know exactly what look you are going for 🙂

Happy, happy wednesday friends!



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