Spring 2014 Hair Trends

Hi guys!

So excited to write about some of the trends happening for spring 2014. If you’re looking to do something different, whether it be with cut, color, or style, I am here to help!

Sombre Hair

Recently I have been seeing SO many celebs with the sombre hair, and the girls at the salon are ALL about it!


This look is really great because it is a soft and natural way to have an ombre. A lot of people are not into ombre’s because of how harsh they can be, but the sombre is just the right amount of softness but still multi-dimensional. If you look closely, there are some incredibly soft and natural highlights that go all the way up to the root, this helps to blend the darker root color with the lighter ends, creating a really soft and pretty effect.


In one of my recent posts I did a video tutorial on how to create a tight and slick pony. But if you notice, all sorts of ponytails are in right now. This is a great style because sometimes when your hair is really dirty, you need to wear it up, and sometimes you just don’t have the time for serious styling. That is why it is so awesome the pony is in right now! People seem to be straying away more and more from the sock bun towards a tight and slicked back ponytail, or a loose and soft styled pony.



Add a fun accessory; hair tie, bow, flower crown, or braid! This will make your look complete.

Short Haircuts

I’ll be the first to admit, you probably couldn’t pay me to chop my hair and get a pixie. I would be FAR too scared! But I am obsessed with short hair! I have a few clients who have some ridiculously cute pixie-length hair and it is certainly one of my favorite haircuts to do. If you have the face shape and the neck for a short haircut, go for it! Be unique and different from the rest of us lame-o’s who take 67 Biotin vitamins a day in hopes of having hair that goes passed our collarbones. These are a few of my favorites for this upcoming season.


This season, go for a short, textured pixie cut with a side bang to add softness for a more feminine look.

Medium length Haircuts

I have been seeing this length a lot more recently. What used to be the awkward, growing-out phase has turned into a really cute length haircut! It’s been especially convenient for me as I am growing my hair out : )


I think if you wear your hair straight for the most part, you should go for more of an angled long bob (lob) look, with longer layers, and a bit of a side bang. If you like to wear your hair textured and curly, go for the collarbone length, with some longer layers, bangs, or a middle part. Keep it textured and tousled. Absolutely love this look this season!

Thanks for reading! Please share, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these styles! Happy afternoon : )




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