How to wash your hair CORRECTLY


Hi guys!

People are constantly asking me how to correctly apply shampoo and conditioner, so what better way to respond than to write a blog post!

A lot of times I take these things for granted, after being in the industry for a few years, I forget the every day important things that not everyone learns when they don’t go to hair school : )

So I thought this next post would be helpful and informative, at least I hope so!


When you shampoo your hair, you should be concentrating on the roots. Get in there good, really use your hands to scrub your scalp, especially when you don’t wash every day. You want to make sure you are really getting all dirt, oil, product build-up and grease out of there. Make sure you do this EVERY WHERE; the hairline, on top of your scalp, at the crown, and the base of your neck.

After you shampoo the roots, it is helpful to run it through the ends. Don’t get crazy, because you don’t want to make the ends of the hair tangly or dry, but you should at least run your shampooed hands over them.

If your hair is really thin, limp or lifeless, make sure you are not using a shampoo that is going to weigh it down. Invest in a volumizing or plumping shampoo, to help put the life back into it.


If your hair is really thick, coarse, or curly, choose a shampoo that is a bit heavier. Find one that helps smooth your hair and gets rid of frizz. If you’re using a lightweight shampoo, it’s not going to do much!



If your hair is colored, be sure you are using color-safe shampoo! This is SO important! Especially if you find that color fades quickly on your hair, if you have well water, or if you have a bright fashion color. What is so great about Davines shampoos and conditioners, is that they are ALL color safe, so you could still use a shampoo for dry hair if your hair is dry even if it’s colored. But if you’re biggest problem is that the color does not stay well, invest in a shampoo specific for color treated hair.


If your hair is really dry, or if you experience dandruff, you should try a medicated shampoo, specific for dry hair. Davines has a line called NaturalTech* that applies to any hair problem. Jon has been using this shampoo for the last few months and it has drastically changed his scalp so that it is not quite so dry anymore. And, if your hair is super dry, it’s not all bad! Use it to your advantage, wash your hair a little less, push it a few extra days. Then when you do wash, be sure to do 2-3 good shampoos, really scrubbing your scalp.


If your hair is oily, you could also try a medicated shampoo for oily scalps. I know oily hair is a pain because you wash your hair and by the end of the day it looks greasy. Try using a shampoo to help alleviate the problem, in addition to using baby powder and dry shampoo every other day, instead of washing. Or keep a dry shampoo in your purse, so you can reapply throughout the day. Some people do just have oily scalps, and it stinks, but if you can train your hair to at least make it another day, it should help. Wear a hat or put your hair in a ridiculous up-do if you have to! Reference my post on washing your hair less for more tips 🙂

This shampoo is part of the NaturalTech line as well, and helps to regulate sebum production.



*Be aware, after your first week of using these NaturalTech shampoos, they should be used as treatment shampoos. Start by switching to only using them every other wash, and then after a week, switch to every second wash, the next week switch to every third, and so on and so forth. Eventually it should be used once a week, or, every five washes if you don’t wash your hair every day/every other day.


This is a big one! So many of us are using conditioner wrong, there are so many things I was unaware of until I was in the salon.

Firstly, you should know, no matter what your hair type, you need to use conditioner. While shampoo cleans your hair from dirt and product build-up, it also strips it and really dries it out. You need to use the conditioner to put the protein back into your hair after drying it out. If you use it the right way and you use the right kind of conditioner, the right amount, and the best products to follow through with after, it will not weigh your hair down. You just need to be aware of exactly what your are putting into your hair!

When you use conditioner, be sure to focus on your ends. I usually put however much I need in my hand and run it through my ends, using my fingers to comb through the tangles. Then, whatever is left over in my hands, I massage into my scalp. Be very careful during this part, you do not want to take a concentrated amount of conditioner and put it directly on your roots, because it will certainly weigh your hair down. Whatever slight residue is left on your hands from running the conditioner through the ends should be used to massage into the scalp. Depending on your hair type, you should not even be able to see the conditioner in your hands, it should be that small of an amount. It’s important to reach conditioner to every part of your hair, because sometimes we are driest on the top, but just be sure that you are only using a small amount when near the roots.

If your hair is thin, or it falls flat easily, you should be using the lightest possible conditioner, and only a tiny amount of it. If the conditioner you are using is a professional conditioner, it is likely that the product is pretty concentrated and you do not need to use much of it. If your hair is long (past your shoulders), use a dime size amount and run it through the ends. If your hair is short you should really only be using a pea size amount. You don’t need a lot at all, especially if the conditioner you’re using is professional. Like I said earlier, apply it to your ends, and the tiniest bit left on your hands (almost none) should be massaged into the scalp. I would be careful even to touch the root, try to get as close to the root as possible but be careful because you do not want to weigh down the top of your hair. Be sure to use a lightweight conditioner, that will keep your hair from getting flat.


If your hair is thick, curly, or coarse, use a heavier shampoo. You should be using a thicker conditioner that will help to smooth any frizz and help to either enhance your curl, or smooth it out. If you are finding that your hair is equally as unmanageable right after you wash your hair as it is any other time, it is probably because you are not using conditioner or products that are strong enough for your hair. This will help your styling immensely and should decrease your blowdrying time.


If your hair is damaged, dry, or stressed, you should absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, be using a heavy and nourishing conditioner. This is most important. When your hair is over-proccessed, you absolutely have to use the right products to begin healing it. Dry hair needs the protein the most, so you need to make sure you are using a conditioner full of protein. If you use the wrong kind of conditioner for damaged hair, it will not heal, plain and simple. Be aware of what you are using in your hair.


(I know I’ve mentioned this conditioner in earlier posts, I apologize. It’s my favorite).

If you have healthy hair, you’re lucky. If it’s healthy with medium texture you can get away with most conditioners. So let your hair be healthy, and shiny, and enjoy it, because you’re one of the few. A great every day conditioner by Davines is called the Oi conditioner. It is not too heavy, won’t weigh your hair down, but it will still keep it smooth and silky. I swear there is something absolutely magical in this product, it will make your hair feel like silk.


I know I only talked about Davines products, and I apologize for that. I usually try to talk about other lines of products as well, but I cannot hide my love for Davines. These products are by far my favorite; each one is great for a specific hair type or hair problem. I will try to share more about other products in future posts but I know the Davines line best and I wanted to share my favorites. Also, I went to a Davines class yesterday so I may still be on a kick from that 😉 Which, by the way, I cannot wait to share in one of my next posts! I learned some really cool tricks and hair styles that will certainly be coming up on here. Thank you so much for reading! Hope everyone is enjoying his or her first day of April. It’s a new month, and there are so many possibilities in that!





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