Short and sweet

Sorry to bombard you all with posts, just wanted to quickly write about this event that happened Monday.

I have a niece who is incredibly special to me. Well I have three of them, and two nephews. But I just wanted to write briefly about something that happened with my youngest niece, Quinn.


Yeah she is actually that cute.

Anyways, miss Quinny is OBSESSED with Frozen. Like an unreal amount. A few weeks ago she was sick and we had to watch three times in one day. And that was after she watched it four times the day before. She REALLY loves it. There is truly no greater Frozen fan.

So this past Monday I was babysitting her and we were about to head to the park. She was watching Frozen that morning before we were going to leave. Miss Quinny got so lost in her rendition of “Let it Go” that she fractured her little ankle on the corner of the coffee table during a mean pirouette.

I felt so sad for my sweet little Quinny. She had to go to the doctor and get a cast, which of course she chose to be blue and sparkly, just like Frozen.

So, I am hoping something can be done to redeem the huge cast that goes up to this tiny little three year old’s THIGH. Yes that’ right, from her foot to her thigh! For a small fracture! She is scooting around everywhere and too scared to walk on it 😦

So please, please please, share this video with everyone you know! I would love so much if she could be on Ellen or meet Idina or Kristen as Elsa and Anna in the flesh!

Thanks for reading, she is indeed one of the cutest 3 year olds you will ever meet : )





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