Catching up

Hi guys!!

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Easter weekend! Just wanted to share a bit about my wonderful weekend and catch up on some of the hair I have done the last couple of weeks 🙂


We had the most amazing service at church Easter morning. [Sanctuary church, PVD]. God was totally working through the leaders and the hearts of everyone that day. We had a packed service full of students, young professionals, and families. Everyone was full of love and joy and it was beautiful. I wish my heart felt this full every moment of every day.


My favorite man and I went to brunch at the Grange on the west side of Providence for an easter date before he had to get on a plane and leave me on my favorite holiday 😦 But we did get to celebrate at church and at our brunch date, joined by his lovely sister. He is starting a new job this week for a laboratory, which is why he had to fly out on Easter. He is most definitely one of the most hardworking people I know, and I am so proud of him and so happy I can be a part of his journey!


Then I spent the evening with my family and these ridiculously cute kiddos. Getting a good picture of the five of them was tougher than you can imagine.


We tried our best!

I know few people care about the small details of my life, I just wanted to share because my weekend was so wonderful and full of joy, hope, and redemption. I had a pretty rough week last week but this was such a good reminder that all things, including me, have been made new. And there is so much to choose to be joyful about.

Anyways, back to hair!


This is one of my blonde clients that I have been working hard on. Before seeing me she had been going to a stylist who just continued to bleach out her hair at the roots. We just do a very heavy foil so that she has dimension yet she can still be Barbie blonde 🙂

photo%203-11 photo%204-11

photo%201-15 photo%204-10


Two more ombre’s from the last couple of weeks, my favorite!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend with family or friends, or maybe just catching up on sleep 🙂 Happy Tuesday!



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