Mens Cuts

Hi guys!

I wanted to write about mens cuts because I actually do a lot of mens cuts! I wish I had more pictures to prove it. I always feel a little weird taking pictures of the guys I cut, unless they’re friends of mine, or my boyfriend. But I figured I could at least write about it and some of the trends that are happening with mens cuts this year.

My boyfriend has very straight and pokey hair. I made him grow it out for a few months to see if we could shape it to be a cool medium-length hairstyle, but it just simply did not work for his hair texture. So we left it long on top, because he has enough to work with and shape, and cut the sides pretty short with the clippers.




JonnyboyΒ photo%202-13Β photo%202-17

My boyfriend likes to call this a “subtle swoof”. That is, indeed, the technical name for this haircut. Just kidding πŸ˜‰

We faded the sides with a 3 to a 2.5, to a 2, to a 1.5. Each section is blended into the other by using the short guard, and the 3 is blended into the longer pieces on the top so that the sides are blended but there is still a drastic short-long difference.

For a slightly more disconnected look, check out my friend Nick’s selfies πŸ˜‰

photo%202.PNG-2 photo%201.PNG-3

Nick likes the sides and the top of his hair to be disconnected. The sides are still totally blended but you can see clearly that there is a drastic disconnect with the top. This goes against everything I have learned about mens cuts, but it really works! He pulls off this funky hipster cut pretty well πŸ˜‰

I realized this year that a lot of male celebs are doing these cuts that are really short on the sides and really long on top. Last year, it seemed they were all growing their hair out and rocking the long hair. This year everything changed!
Brad Pitt is someone I am specifically thinking of. He has ALWAYS had great, long hair! This year at the Oscars, he was rocking a very different cut.

Before this year, anytime I would picture Brad Pitt, this is the sort of hair I imagine. These days, it looks a bit more like this…

In order for this cut to work, the top front needs to be really long so that it can be slicked back. The sides of his hair are REALLY Β faded. His stylist brought the fade all the way to the top, instead of just around the ears and in the back.
This cut looks great on Brad Pitt, but if you ask me he should grow it out again. He has such a great head of hair. You shouldn’t mess with that! πŸ™‚
If you like the short on the sides and long on top look but you don’t want to go quite so drastic you could always try something like this

And if you’ve got great hair and you can rock a medium length cut, you should try one of these fun and unique cuts! Some of these cuts may only work depending on your hair type and texture, but if you’ve got it, it will work really well for you.



I hope this was helpful! I love a good men’s cut πŸ™‚ Men, be sure to do your research before getting your haircut, it’s not weird for you to bring in pictures! Don’t be afraid to be specific.
Thank you SO much for reading! Have a lovely afternoon.


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