A Sunday in Newport

Hi guys!

As I have already said in a previous post, I spent my Sunday in Newport after I did some wedding hair for a few beautiful women. It was so much fun! I love getting to be creative in this way, especially for a wedding because I LOVE love!

The Maid of Honor wanted something soft and romantic, off to the side, with some curls and maybe a braid.

This is what we came up with;

IMG_6524 photo-15 IMG_6529 IMG_6528 IMG_6527 IMG_6526

(What a beautiful woman, right?)

We thought this was the perfect look because it was secure, wouldn’t fall out or make her crazy throughout the day, and it was still fun and unique.

And then I got to do the flower girls!

IMG_6530 IMG_6531 IMG_6532

Look how cute these two are! Ashley and Kelly were some of the cutest flower girls I have ever seen, and they have some of the most beautiful hair! Their mom, Abby, wanted to keep their natural curl, so I ran the curling iron just through the hair quickly to keep it smooth and enhance their natural curl. I teased it and twisted a few pieces on the side so that the hair would be out of their face but it would still be pretty and unique. They both had hair pieces that fit perfectly into the hair. They looked SUPER cute! This is the perfect flower girl style for little girls who like to run and dance and sing and are full of joy. We were all pleased, and Ashley and Kelly looked like little princesses 🙂

Abby’s sister got married at the beautiful Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island. If you’ve never been to Newport, you will have to check it out. There are so many fun restaurants and shops, the beaches are beautiful and the scenery is stunning. Check out some photos of this beautiful venue here.

belle-mer-ocean-lawn-large belle-mer-island-house-large belle-mer-water-salon-large

Hope everyone is having a great day! Hopefully we get some spring weather soon! Happy May ❤



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