Two Weeks in Hair

Hello beautiful people!

Just wanted to share some of the hair I have done the last two weeks. Since I have been getting so busy I have been taking a few less pictures and struggling to figure out which pictures to post and talk about. To all of my clients // you are all important, and you all have beautiful hair, even if I don’t post it 🙂 I always worry that my clients will be upset if I don’t post a picture of their hair, maybe that’s just because I am sensitive and know how I would respond. Regardless, I am just trying to be careful and not overload my audience with too much of the same thing.

So anyways. To start off with something totally out of my ordinary, a purple ombre ;

IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6496

We left her roots her natural color but brought the purple pieces up pretty high so she would be all over more purple than dark. This lovely lady had a TON of hair, and this was certainly no easy process. We bleached her ends first and then went over with violet and magenta Pravana. Some pieces are more purple, some are a little more lilac, and some are more pink. It was perfect and so much fun! My nails were purple for a week 🙂

On Friday, I got to chop off quite a few inches and ombre this ridiculously fun and cute haircut;



photo%204-13 photo%203-13 photo%202-18


I LOVE getting to do super different things like these two projects.

photo%204-16 photo%201-23

photo%201-20 photo%203-14

All of my clients are going lighter right now with foils, balayage, flamboyage, and ombre’s! Check out this post for more information on these highlighting techniques.


Here’s another before and after on another lovely client!

photo%202-19 photo%203-15


Some clients are going darker AND shorter;



photo%202-20 photo%203-16 photo%204-15




Like I wrote before I have been very busy at the salon so I just wanted to share some of what I’ve been doing. Thank you so much for reading have a very happy Monday ❤




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