She of the Woods

I am so excited to finally feature these pictures and talk about what I am going to be doing with Ashley of She of the Woods photography.

Ashley is an incredibly creative, talented and kind person with a fun and unique style. Her photos are consistently beautiful and I couldn’t be more excited to join in on her fun 🙂

To start our journey together, we did a photoshoot in the old barn behind Ashley’s old home. It was beautiful and dreary and made for some pretty fantastic pictures. I am so excited for the adventures we will be sharing and to see beauty in the unique way she does. Book with Ashley this summer for an engagement or portrait session with complimentary styling services by yours truly 🙂

IMG_7892 IMG_7895

IMG_7970 IMG_7980

IMG_7972 IMG_7965

IMG_7995 IMG_8002 IMG_8017 IMG_8044 IMG_8050

IMG_8095 IMG_8096IMG_8143 IMG_8160

IMG_8150 IMG_8157 IMG_8166 IMG_8177 IMG_8196 IMG_8202


I am slightly embarrassed for having written a post dedicated to pictures of myself, but I can’t get over how beautiful the shots are because of Ashley! I am so honored to be a part of her journey and so excited to include her on mine. Check out her website here, and “like” her on Facebook here.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a lovely afternoon!




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