Red Hair Color

Good afternoon lovelies! I have been slacking a bit on posting because life is always crazy and also because I have been editing photos of a beautiful friend of mine and editing takes time! Last weekend my friend Jen and I went on an adventure to take a few photos of her red/copper hair. I cannot wait to share these photos! Jen is such a beautiful person inside and out and she was an absolutely perfect model.

I was thinking about all of my redheaded girls and thought it was time to write a post devoted only to them! I have a lot of clients who want some form of red hair color from a soft and natural red brown to a bright and fiery red.

To anyone looking to go red, here are the most important things you need to know about it.

1.) Red is the hardest color to get into the hair. It may take a few visits before you can get your color the exact shade of red you are looking for.

2.) It is the hardest color EVER to get out of your hair. So if you’re thinking about doing it, be prepared for the long haul. I was a redhead a year and a half ago and I have just, JUST, as in three weeks ago, lifted all of the red out of my hair. Up until this point, my highlights were orange. ORANGE. Be aware of the fact that it is going to be SO annoying and it is going to take an extreme amount of time, conditioning, and patience to get the red out of your hair. 

3.) It is conveniently, also, the hardest color to maintain in the hair. It fades very quickly. Invest in a strong color safe shampoo and conditioner, wash your hair as little as possible, and be prepared to maintain the color by refreshing it every 4-8 weeks. When it fades, 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t fade in a way that is pretty. 

– Try a pigmented shampoo and conditioner, such as the red Alchemic shampoo and conditioner by Davines 🙂

1010_default_l c24d44d155033d599ff00497e6c55a20

(I used these when I was red and it made my color significantly brighter with each wash).

IMG_4901 311239_3781063325489_1231936788_n

4.) There are different shades of red. There are blue reds and purple reds and red coppers and copper reds! Be clear to your stylist about exactly what level of lightness and how bright you are hoping to go with your red hair. 

5.) Just like any hair color, you may need to change your makeup routine, or the colors you use. 

– Try a more natural color scheme, go for lighter and more neutral colors. Orgasm blush by Nars looks great for any red head, it is just pink enough with a soft sparkle to warm up your cheeks that it will make your red hair stand out and complement the color very well.

– Golds, coppers, and warm eye colors look GREAT as well as greens.

– Try a brow color a shade darker than your hair. It will make them noticeable without looking extreme.

Here are a few of the reds I have done this year:

photo%201-26 10177932_10202233072203337_5863641580193446674_n

This lovely lady was originally a brunette. We used a permanent red hair color roots to ends with hi-fusion red copper by Redken to lift to a brighter red. This week she wanted her hair to look like fire! We lightened her ends to get the mids to be a warm copper color and her ends to be a light golden color. We had to lift through the red two separate visits but we were able to do it, especially because Shayna takes care of her hair and she wanted her ends to still have a warm copper/golden tint. We were obsessed with the results!!


This transition seems difficult but it is actually easier than going from dark hair to red hair. When you have color in your hair you cannot lift it with hair color unless you lighten first (usually with bleach). If your hair is lighter it is usually easier to go darker than vice versa. Lindsey needed to be filled first to make sure her red would be bright and vibrant, and to help sustain the color. This basically means the color process will happen twice, the first time makes up for the color in between. It worked perfectly for her, however this transition is not always easy for all hair types or hair colors.


Alexandra already had a copper tone to her hair but it was initially a lot softer, she wanted it to be a lot brighter. This was great for her! And then after that faded she wanted to do more of a purple, cooler red color.


Alexandra is very lucky that she can pull off any type of red!


Lauren wanted a red to copper ombre that would still be natural and soft. We were able to lift her roots with a red brown color and we lightened her ends with bleach and toned with a copper and golden toner.

Here are a few more shots of red hair with balayage copper highlights that I have done recently;


photo%202-23 photo%201-25


This color works well for anyone who is looking to add soft dimension to their red hair. It is still very natural looking but breaks up the red hair just a bit. I have loved doing this for a few of my girls recently ❤

I love LOVE red hair! I think it is so fun and unique, and people who can pull off red hair, can usually pull it off very well. I hope this post was helpful for anyone thinking of going red. Thanks for reading and allowing me to share what I’ve done 🙂

Have a beautiful, joyful, and cloudless afternoon!



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