Lime Crime Lip Color

I am obsessed with my newest lip colors by Lime Crime Makeup that I received last week!


First of all, receiving a box this colorful is exciting no matter what is in it! I would be happy if I opened this box to reveal a pair of socks. But it’s even better because I opened this;


photo%202-26 photo%203-21 photo%204-20

I purchased these two colors as my first Lime Crime purchases – D’Lilac and My Beautiful Rocket. They are fantastic! Both are really intense, go on smoothly and only require one or two coats. If you are looking for a bright and bold color you NEED to check them out!

My one complaint, solely because I love MAC lipsticks, is that when you put the first coat on it comes out heavy and thick. This is really not a bad thing, but I appreciate MAC lipstick because you can build up the color with each coat. If you are looking for brighter and bolder you can just add another coat. One coat will still apply evenly but it won’t be quite as intense. The Lime Crime colors do not do this, which is really not a bad thing because they go on smoothly, but I guess I just like having the option 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, go grab your first Lime Crime lip color, you won’t regret it! ❤



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