I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by life lately and I wanted to share about it.

In a previous post, I wrote about how my schedule filled up overnight, and I was not exaggerating. My weeks have basically been booked solid, which, for a long time, seemed to be an unattainable goal as a stylist. It takes some people years to reach this type of busy, and it takes some people only a few months. But up until this month my schedule still had quite a few gaps.

Now I am sure that some of this also has to do with the nice weather, people want to change their hair when the seasons change, however I have been meeting new guests every day. Every day I have new referrals from the clients I see every few weeks. A former client of mine who lives in Germany is even referring me new guests, still! I am so grateful that my clients want to share me with their friends 🙂

I didn’t write this to brag about my busy schedule, but just to write about how I am learning to adjust to it.

It seems as though all women everywhere are consistently competing over who is busier. We are so silly, can I get an AMEN? I know I am not the busiest. I know I have free time and I can use it however I choose. Although sometimes, certain weeks or certain months, it does feel as though I have zero free time! Between being at the salon Tuesday through Saturday, babysitting Mondays, helping out for the church on Sundays, and doing hair after hours at home for my family, it seems as though my free time is not mine.

My days at work truly fly by. I wake up, go to work, I see client after client (if I am lucky I sit down for fifteen minutes while they are processing), finish work, leave, go home, go to bed. Wake up. Repeat.

I decided this month to switch my hours a little so I would have a couple of mornings off. I thought about how I could wake up extra early on those days to pray and journal and blog. And of course, I have used these mornings to sleep in, for the most part. So it doesn’t even feel like I have that extra bit of time, because I am wasting it. In bed.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how sometimes when we depend too much on ourselves to run our lives, to control each extra moment, we become more stressed than we would be if we just relied entirely on God, and used extra time to invest with Him.

I have been feeling so dissatisfied with each extra moment. With every fun activity, it feels like not enough. The night ends and I feel myself wanting more, wondering what I am missing out on, how I can get more out of life. And how I can do it without feeling more burnt out than I already do. It’s funny how this cycle just continues to repeat itself. I can’t be busy enough, my work cannot be satisfying or inspiring enough, and my social life is not fun enough. I constantly need more. And I rely on myself for that and just exhaust myself.

It is so beyond important for me to take the time to rest, to be alone with God, to pray and journal and enjoy His presence and live in it.

And with that down time the rest of life seems a bit easier and slightly less hectic.

In addition to not depending on myself, rest, and sleep are so incredibly important and vital to stay healthy, and contribute largely to your beauty regimen. Getting a good nights sleep and giving yourself time of rest will drastically improve your skin and leave you feeling refreshed, healthier, and beautiful.

Thanks for reading ❤ Have a happy and restful Monday.




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