Long & Beautiful Lashes


Hi friends!

I have been inspired to write about eyelashes because I am among the many women who have short and light eyelashes. Nothing more frustrating than seeing your fiancé or your nephews flaunt their long and beautiful eyelashes without the agony of standing in front of the mirror pounding mascara on for hours. And they cannot even fully appreciate this gift they’ve been given!

1.) Mascara

Your mascara will make ALL the difference! Invest in a good mascara. You will notice that professional product will actually last you longer and your lashes will be noticeably longer/thicker. Here are a few of my faves:


Dior Show

This mascara is awesome. The brush is big in size, it gives your lashes GREAT volume and its incredibly buildable.


Studio Fix by MAC

This mascara is perfect for someone who has long lashes but is looking for definition. It is a great mascara but may not add quite as much length and volume for someone who is lacking in this area, however it is PERFECT for someone who needs to darken and define their already beautiful lashes!


Faux Lash Mascara by Laura Mercier

This is the mascara that I am currently using. It makes my lashes long and thick and it gives me great volume! This is my personal favorite because it is incredibly sensitive. My eyes water when I stand too close to a window (I’m very sensitive) and my eyes are never irritated when wearing this mascara. Yet it still gives me great definition!

2.) Eyelash Tinting

Meet with your esthetician and find out if eyelash tinting is a service he/she even offers, however, this is a great solution for anyone with light lashes. Tinting them to a darker color can give them just the boost they need to create a more intense and defined effect.

3.) Eyelash Extensions


There are all sorts of eyelash extensions. I am a BIG fan! Everyone always asks me if your lashes fall out when the extensions fall out, the answer is no! Your natural lash will only come out if you pick and pull at the extensions, which my obsessive compulsive hands have been known to do. They usually last about 2 1/2-4 weeks before you need a fill, and if you do not get a fill it will probably be about a month and a half to two months before all of the extensions fall out. You can also decide how intense you want the lashes to be, if you want to just do a partial or invest in a full set, its up to you!

lashes shutterstock_134275850

4.) Eyelash Growth Serums

I have heard wonder stories and horror stories. I know there were rumors that some would change the color of your eye, and I’ve also heard that that was only the case for one person. I would suggest an all natural serum, and to be aware of what you’re putting on your lashes, and be careful of your eyeballs 🙂 I have been using Revitalash Advanced Serum for a few months and it seems to be making a huge difference! It takes time at first but after a few weeks you can really notice a difference!

5.) Falsies

Putting falsies on can be a pain but the more you practice it, the easier it will become! If you want the look of falsies every day I would suggest investing in eyelash extensions, but if you are just looking for it for an event, these are perfect! I have been really happy with the brand Ardell, which you can buy at any drug store. However if you’re looking to get fancy you could always try a fun pair like these ones by MAC ;



Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely evening and a happy Wednesday! ❤


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