Behind the Scenes with She of the Woods

Good morning friends!

I wanted to share a few photos today from a very special afternoon with my friend Ashley and a beautiful couple.

I know I have mentioned before that I will be working with Ashley from She of the Woods photography this summer to offer complimentary styling for all of her engagement shoots. She takes BEAUTIFUL photos and she is so fun to work with, so you should definitely check her out!

When Ashley asked me to shoot with Lauren and Adam I was SO excited! This was only a few days following my engagement so I was very excited to share in their joy 🙂 Here are a few behind the scenes shots Ashley took on this lovely afternoon.

SheoftheWoods BTS-25 SheoftheWoods BTS-26 SheoftheWoods BTS-21 SheoftheWoods BTS-22 SheoftheWoods BTS-23 SheoftheWoods - BTS-8  SheoftheWoods - BTS-1

Lauren wanted something simple. She doesn’t usually do much to her hair and she wanted to stay true to that for the photos. For someone like this I figured a little curl that we could brush out would be perfect. As the day went on the waves would continue to fall even softer. I first smoothed out the front of her hair with a blow dryer and round brush, to get rid of any natural curl or wave she had, and then used a large (1.5 inch) curling iron, took big sections, and brushed all of the curls out. I only used a tiny bit of hairspray for fly aways, but didn’t want her hair to stay too curly or be too sticky for photos, especially for someone who likes a more natural look.

SheoftheWoods - BTS-9

She looked beautiful! (I am goofy).

SheoftheWoods - BTS-12 SheoftheWoods - BTS-14

No one worry, just me being super awkward. Ashley is definitely a photo genius, though.

SheoftheWoods - BTS-10

We had so much fun. Lauren and Adam were so sweet and you could really tell how much they loved each other by their interactions and their adorable photos!

SheoftheWoods - BTS-2

(And check out their pup! What a babe).

I am so grateful for experiences like these. To witness two complete love birds and work with someone through her creative processing. Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to follow She of the Woods on Instagram, “like” on Facebook, and check out her website!

Have a beautiful day! ❤


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