Wedding Planning Fun

Hi friends!

I am so sorry I haven’t been writing. I promise I really have been SO busy! I’ve used every spare moment of mine to plan for this wedding that is only 3.5 months away. Oh, and, I started a new job!

I left Devenir on good terms and have maintained great relationships with the beautiful women that work there. However, I am now working at Magnolia Salon with my very best friend. The salon is huge and full of energy and so much fun and it happens to be only 1.5 miles from the condo that I will call home in 111 days.

I am loving my new job so far! I just started on Tuesday. However, the transition from one salon to another while simultaneously planning my wedding has not been easy, thus my lack of time to write and give beauty tips! Outside of the salon at least 🙂

I want to write a little bit about wedding planning but I am worried it will bore everyone so I will try to keep that to a minimum. But I will talk about the fun ways we got to ask the people participating, at least just quickly 🙂

One of the things Jon and I were really excited about was asking the people around us to participate! We have been so overwhelmed with the responses we have received from our friends and families, and wanted to share in that love and joy even more. We are still in the works but just a few special people with special tasks that we wanted to ask in a special way. This started with my nieces and nephews. These kiddos are my favorite humans on earth. I have three nieces and two nephews ranging from age 7 to 11 months. They are complete babes and they fill my heart with more love and joy than I could have ever anticipated. I am so excited that Jon and I are getting married at a time when we can include each one of them, none of them are too old or too young to participate, so they all will 🙂 I wanted to ask them in a fun way, even though they knew they were going to be asked. The two older girls, Lana and Tate, kept calling themselves “wedding girls” and asking me when we would start looking for dresses, while my oldest nephew, Jonah, told me he did not want to be my “flower boy” or my “ring master”. I told him he didn’t have to be either but he did have to be my ring bearer 🙂

Because of Jonah’s hesitance and the girls’ excitement, we figured it was time to ask, and we should do it in a way that would be fun for them, mostly so we could bribe Jonah 😉 Anyways, we just ended up bringing them a card, which Lana and Tatum were able to read, that said “Will you be our flower girls and our ring bearers?” and gave the girls a bouquet of lollypops for flowers and the boys a ring pop.

photo%202-29 photo%201-31

They said yes! 🙂

I stupidly did not take a picture of the cupcakes I gave my bridesmaids, but I should have! I gave my six girls cupcakes with the letter B on them (for bridesmaid) with a card asking them to stand up there with me that day. It was a simple yet fun way to ask, and they were all excited about it, especially because the cupcakes were delicious.

Lastly, our pastor is a very close and dear friend of ours. Jon and I are so lucky to have such a great relationship with him and his wife, there was no question about whether or not he would be marrying us. Last year our friends Jen and Brent got married and they asked our pastor, Andrew, to marry them with a ring pop. We thought it was so cute and wanted to do something special as well. Andrew has a daughter that is one of the cutest babies that has ever existed, so we KNEW we had to include her.


He said yes too!

I know that Jon and I are not the most original, but this was part of our planning process that was SUPER fun and we wanted to make it fun for some of the people participating. Even last week we drove 15 hrs to North Carolina JUST so Jon could ask our friend to be one of his best men. Just kidding, we drove down to visit, but that was an added bonus 🙂

So far wedding planning has been SO much fun! Jon and I are really enjoying it and savoring every moment from meeting with vendors to researching registries. I’m kind of sad we already have so much planning done but I can’t wait to marry my best friend, I bet it will be kind of fun 😉

Thank you so much for reading! Can’t wait to share some of the fun hair I have been doing with the weather warming up. Have a great week and a happy monday! ❤


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