There are no enemies

Gathering Mustard Seeds

When I decided to attend Gordon College two years ago, the thought that repeatedly comforted my mind was that my new school was a ‘safe place’. I would no longer be frustrated defending my faith to teachers who only knew the Bible as a book of talking snakes and legends, or explain why I lean towards a pro-life stance. I would no longer worry about being stereotyped ‘a typical Evangelical American white middle class Christian girl’, i.e. stiff, nationalist and conservative (But oh, I have.) At my school we can leave our backpacks at our chairs in the cafeteria while we grab food without a second thought (But my bike was stolen.) And aside from whispered rumors of cults and mattress campsite meetings in our woods, my school has been listed as the safest college in the United States. And yet, as I sit here in my room in Russia…

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