Summer Tips

Hi guys!

Now that July is here and the weather has finally warmed up to actually feel like summer, I wanted to share a few tips!

One of the best parts of summer is the fact that you can get away with wearing a lot less makeup! Once you get just the slightest bit of sun on your face, it can add just the right amount of glow to your skin. Some of us spend hours creating the right amount of contour to give our face that glow in the winter!

A great way to look like you put a little bit of effort into your makeup routine without actually doing that, is just brightening your skin up. Try a mineral based powder, (a loose powder or pressed base of some kind), with a bright blush, mascara, and a bold lip. The blush and lip color will give your face just the right pop so that your skin will appear bright and fresh, but won’t look like you’re wearing too much makeup.

My favorite powder is by Glo Minerals. This powder would be a great base for this routine if your skin has any unevenness to its color; dark coloring under your eyes, blemishes, redness in the cheeks. It is the PERFECT base for any of these skin types!


A great loose powder is this one by Bare Minerals. This is perfect for before and after your other face makeup, which in this case would really just be the blush. It gets rid of lines and oils and gives your skin a soft, fresh look! AND it has SPF 25 in it so it will protect you from harmful UV rays 🙂


My forever favorite blush is of course Orgasm by Nars. I KNOW I have mentioned this one before because it is beautiful and perfect for many skin tones! Anyone with more of an olive skin tone should try Super Orgasm, it is just a little bit brighter and darker. Either will look great for summer ❤

0607845040309 0607845040132

[Super Orgasm : Left. Orgasm : Right.]

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, try this one by ELF cosmetics. Blush is one of the products you can get away with a brand you can pick up at the drug store. The pigment may not be quite as intense and you may have to reapply at some point in the day but the color will still be there!


(Even the packaging looks the same!)

Reference this post for my mascara recommendations.

Remember that your mascara and powder are the products you want to invest in. Go crazy and buy tons of $3 lipsticks and blush! Not to say that you shouldn’t spend a little bit more money on those as well, but if it comes down to it, invest in the powder and mascara, those are products that you’ll need no matter what the trend is.

And lastly, my favorite, your bold lip. Wouldn’t be a post about makeup without including this, huh? At least for me. One of my favorite summer colors right now is this one by MAC (Impassioned). It is the perfect bright summer color, and it will give your face just the color it needs with minimum makeup!



If you’re willing to spend the money this is another GREAT lip color by Tom Ford (Wild Ginger), perfect for a summer glow.



Two great cheaper alternatives would be Flame 300 or Hot 305 by COVERGIRL ❤300-3


(Flame 300)


(Hot 305)

P.S. Use sunscreen this summer. Make sure you’re protecting your skin. Using SPF 30 will still give your skin the bit of color and Vitamin D that it needs, but it will still protect it from the sun!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope this was helpful 🙂 Have a great day! ❤



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