Mrs. Mancuso

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share a few photos from a shoot I did with my friend Jen. Let’s be honest, I’m no She of the Woods, but I like to snap a few pics now and then. I wanted to take pictures of Jen because first of all, she is stunning. Secondly, she has beautiful hair and it has been so much fun playing with her color every time she visits.

jen2 jen4

jen3 jen7


Jen has been red FOREVER so it was a little bit easier to make her color brighter and bolder once I got my hands on her hair. We just decided to add some of the copper recently to change things up a bit. Jen is the cutest and she is super fun, she needs to have beautiful and bold hair to match her personality ❤

IMG_6603 IMG_6716


IMG_6777 IMG_6784

I am always thrilled with how Jen’s hair comes out. It literally  ALWAYS looks good no matter how she styles it! Not all of us are so lucky 🙂

Thanks for reading and checking out a few of my shots! Jen was the perfect model and I am so lucky to have this beautiful lady in my life!



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