Preparing for the Big Day

Hi friends!

I hope everyone is able to enjoy some Netflix and snuggling on this gloomy, rainy day! I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some more of what has been happening with my planning so far.

I know the wedding is really not exciting to many readers, but it’s something I have been very busy with lately and something I am loving being able to do, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts.


When I was first thinking about this post, I was thinking about sharing how as a bride you should do your best to not get stressed.

EVERYONE I know keeps telling me this. And I agree! But I feel myself getting a bit defensive every time I explain that I really have not been stressed so far. Other people are often times getting more stressed about the wedding than Jon and I 🙂 Perhaps I have even been a little too relaxed.

However, I still have two and a half more months to plan and get things together. One of my close friends is getting married in a few weeks and she mentioned that they have reached a point where they actually are now stressed and just want the planning to end. This is a bride who was more relaxed than any bride I have ever met in the beginning of their engagement. So I have no idea what I will be like a few short weeks before the wedding. So I guess what I am trying to say is, if you’re going to get stressed, at least wait until you’re closer to the big day 🙂

Date Time

Another thing I have realized since being engaged is how important it is to enjoy date time with Jon separate from planning time. I like to throw all of my wedding plans and ideas at Jon at once and then we spend hours discussing the possibilities, and this has been super fun, and sometimes its caused a few arguments, but it’s something we do quite often. In the last month we have realized how important it is to enjoy each others company and take advantage of time together outside of planning. I can’t wait to marry Jon and I am having a blast during this process, but I don’t want to sit at the dinner table our first day of marriage and have nothing to talk about with no planning to discuss.

Guest List

Our guest list has been a little stressful. It seems like every time we get our numbers down our parents, Jon or myself realize another couple or family that we would like to invite. Some people will tell you it’s important to invite who you want to invite and to not worry about other people, but I am a person who really worries about other people. There are so many weird wedding politics that need to be remembered when planning a guest list. And, we are a part of a big church community that we have come to know as family and it is really heartbreaking to think about the members of this community that we won’t be able to invite. Unfortunately I cannot say this hasn’t been a stressful part of our process, but at least it’s been the only super difficult part so far. As far as guest lists go, I have no advice, anyone have anything for me? 😉

Fun Stuff

Jon and I are a little weird. One thing that I heard multiple times from multiple people was to do whatever we want when it came to details. It’s tradition to have a big wedding cake and hor d’oeuvres and a big meal, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but Jon and I wanted to do things a bit differently.

We are getting married at our church in Providence and sending ourselves and our guests to Newport for a big party on the beach. We are both pretty low key people, so we wanted our wedding to be fun and relaxed. We are having gourmet sandwiches with yummy side salads, and fun and different appetizers. Everytime I tell someone we are having gourmet sandwiches they think I am weird. But let me tell you, these sandwiches are delish! We had our tasting last night and we are absolutely thrilled with the food. Check out More than a Meal catering, they are AWESOME!

We have also decided to have a donut cake for our cutting of the cake portion. We won’t necessarily be serving these donuts to our guests, since donuts can get stale quickly, but we will be enjoying them 🙂 Jon is really not a dessert person but he is incredibly weak when it comes to donuts. We are going to order some delicious treats from Allie’s Donuts and shove them in each others faces for all of our guests to see ❤


Jon and I are on a bit of a budget. We aren’t going crazy for our wedding but we want to make sure that our guests enjoy themselves and have a good time, that hopefully they won’t have to suffer from our minimal spending 🙂

There are SO many ways to save money and still have tasteful wedding, at least I hope so considering I am still a couple of months away.

Weddings are definitely not cheap and it all adds up quickly, but it’s also just one day so if you have to budget your spending, remember you’re only going to wear that dress for a few hours 🙂

I bought my dress at David’s Bridal for $99, and I am in love with it. We’re going to hire Stop&Shop to do our flowers because they’re incredibly reasonable and they do a beautiful job. We are lucky enough to share life with many creative and wonderful people who have graciously given us some awesome deals.

AND we are saving a whole bunch of money by getting married in the fall (off season) on a Sunday. That actually isn’t even why we chose that particular time or day but it just worked out for us wonderfully!

It also helps to find a venue where you can choose your own caterer. This requires a bit more work but it is a great way to save money. Many venues make the majority of their money from food and if you find your own caterer you can look for one within your price range, let them know your budget, and edit your menu accordingly.

If you are on a budget, be wise, it is only one day. It will hopefully be one of the best days of my life, but I don’t want to go into debt because of it.

If you’re not on a budget, go crazy 😉

Enjoy your Man

My poor Jonny has seen some of the worst parts of me during this planning process, and during our time together in general. I am so very lucky to have a man who loves me and treats me with such kindness and respect. Every day I remind myself to love him well, in the way God created us to love each other, and to let him know how much I appreciate him. I would love to encourage all brides to remember this, to love your men, and let them know how much they mean to you.

I am still two and a half months from my big day, and I know there is a lot to come, but I am trying my very best to enjoy every minute of it, because I will (hopefully) only get married once 😉

Here are a few shots from our engagement shoot because our photographer is amazing and we love these photos! Check out She of the Woods immediately!! ❤

SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-80

SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-73 SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-64

SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-51 SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-49SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-30 SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-26SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-15 SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-14 SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-13

SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-7 SheoftheWoods - MaddieJon-6


Thanks so much for reading, happiest of rainy days ❤

And, please check out Dropcam’s #PreppinForTheBigDay campaign!



4 thoughts on “Preparing for the Big Day

  1. Maddie you are such a beautiful person I am blessed to know you and watch your dreams come true. We should get together some time ♡

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