Brunettes ; Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Hi friends!

With August coming to an end, fall is right around the corner (how crazy is that?). I wanted to write for my brunette girls. I am always sharing pictures of ombre’s and highlights and reds and not that all of those are not sooo fun, but I never talk about the brunettes! Which is sad, because I am one (shh, don’t tell anyone) 😉

What I want to say first to anyone who is a brunette or looking into being a brunette, is that you should always have dimension, at least in my opinion. For most natural brunettes, you will already have dimension from being in the sun or not being in the sun or just not having any color in your hair. My nieces have these beautiful highlights in their hair that just show up every summer; people pay a lot of money to have hair that gorgeous!

For anyone who is a brunette, there is a great way to easily transition from a beautiful warm summer brown to a rich and cool autumn brown.

A lot of my brunette clients this summer have wanted some balayage highlights or ombre’s. I am still definitely not over either of these trends, especially when they’re done in a soft and natural way. For these girls, I would suggest sticking with warmer/golden tones for the summer. Summer is about being tan and being well rested and wearing less makeup, so match your hair to that. Invest in soft bronzy and honey golden tones.

Colors like this ;

b6c266a6ef06421ff7e55b6663146a66 b1c71adeea294c7c3d0acd9713998b4e

Here are a few I’ve done this summer ;

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

For fall, this can actually be a very easy transition!

Stick with your dimension. That should stay all year round 🙂 But go for a cooler tone. Whether you stay at the same level or go darker, your browns should be cooler, icier brunette tones for cooler seasons. These are a few of my favorites;

ec239a5eeb32107d938fe0dc7ea5cf09 fbf92a3512cfc2910bbec5dcb3e2523e197e3e6a70c64eb02bd3822e80e5077b

To go from summer to winter, just get a glaze! You’ll just need to do an all over color, roots-to-ends, that will tone the honey and goldens to cool ashy colors. If you have any kind of highlights, it would be a good idea to use a different color on the lighter pieces, so you still have the dimension. It’s the perfect way to transition into the next season!

Thank you so much for reading! Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions! Happy season of pumpkin flavored everything ❤


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