Hair I love

Julianne Hough is killing it lately with the short blonde do’. So many girls tell me they want this cut and style! And that lip color!

julianne hough

Right now we are really into this look. Soft highlights in the front and a stronger, more dimensional difference towards the ends of the hair. So many celebrities are rocking it these days.


So everyone is STILL loving the pastels and fashion colors. If this kind of color is done well it can be really beautiful. So this is what I am going for next, and something I would love to do on any one of my lovely clients!

silver hair

Anyone want to know why Jennifer Aniston’s hair is SO STINKING BEAUTIFUL?! It’s ALL about the foils! Foiling your hair does not have to be your every day “brown hair with highlights” or the totally all over as blonde as you can be highlights. There is a specific placement pattern for foiling to whatever look you are going for. That is why Ms. Aniston’s hair is so out of this world, beautiful. Talk to your stylist about exactly what kind of highlighted look you are going for.

jennifer aniston


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