Summer Tips

Hi guys!

Now that July is here and the weather has finally warmed up to actually feel like summer, I wanted to share a few tips!

One of the best parts of summer is the fact that you can get away with wearing a lot less makeup! Once you get just the slightest bit of sun on your face, it can add just the right amount of glow to your skin. Some of us spend hours creating the right amount of contour to give our face that glow in the winter!

A great way to look like you put a little bit of effort into your makeup routine without actually doing that, is just brightening your skin up. Try a mineral based powder, (a loose powder or pressed base of some kind), with a bright blush, mascara, and a bold lip. The blush and lip color will give your face just the right pop so that your skin will appear bright and fresh, but won’t look like you’re wearing too much makeup.

My favorite powder is by Glo Minerals. This powder would be a great base for this routine if your skin has any unevenness to its color; dark coloring under your eyes, blemishes, redness in the cheeks. It is the PERFECT base for any of these skin types!


A great loose powder is this one by Bare Minerals. This is perfect for before and after your other face makeup, which in this case would really just be the blush. It gets rid of lines and oils and gives your skin a soft, fresh look! AND it has SPF 25 in it so it will protect you from harmful UV rays 🙂


My forever favorite blush is of course Orgasm by Nars. I KNOW I have mentioned this one before because it is beautiful and perfect for many skin tones! Anyone with more of an olive skin tone should try Super Orgasm, it is just a little bit brighter and darker. Either will look great for summer ❤

0607845040309 0607845040132

[Super Orgasm : Left. Orgasm : Right.]

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, try this one by ELF cosmetics. Blush is one of the products you can get away with a brand you can pick up at the drug store. The pigment may not be quite as intense and you may have to reapply at some point in the day but the color will still be there!


(Even the packaging looks the same!)

Reference this post for my mascara recommendations.

Remember that your mascara and powder are the products you want to invest in. Go crazy and buy tons of $3 lipsticks and blush! Not to say that you shouldn’t spend a little bit more money on those as well, but if it comes down to it, invest in the powder and mascara, those are products that you’ll need no matter what the trend is.

And lastly, my favorite, your bold lip. Wouldn’t be a post about makeup without including this, huh? At least for me. One of my favorite summer colors right now is this one by MAC (Impassioned). It is the perfect bright summer color, and it will give your face just the color it needs with minimum makeup!



If you’re willing to spend the money this is another GREAT lip color by Tom Ford (Wild Ginger), perfect for a summer glow.



Two great cheaper alternatives would be Flame 300 or Hot 305 by COVERGIRL ❤300-3


(Flame 300)


(Hot 305)

P.S. Use sunscreen this summer. Make sure you’re protecting your skin. Using SPF 30 will still give your skin the bit of color and Vitamin D that it needs, but it will still protect it from the sun!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope this was helpful 🙂 Have a great day! ❤



There are no enemies

Gathering Mustard Seeds

When I decided to attend Gordon College two years ago, the thought that repeatedly comforted my mind was that my new school was a ‘safe place’. I would no longer be frustrated defending my faith to teachers who only knew the Bible as a book of talking snakes and legends, or explain why I lean towards a pro-life stance. I would no longer worry about being stereotyped ‘a typical Evangelical American white middle class Christian girl’, i.e. stiff, nationalist and conservative (But oh, I have.) At my school we can leave our backpacks at our chairs in the cafeteria while we grab food without a second thought (But my bike was stolen.) And aside from whispered rumors of cults and mattress campsite meetings in our woods, my school has been listed as the safest college in the United States. And yet, as I sit here in my room in Russia…

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Wedding Planning Fun

Hi friends!

I am so sorry I haven’t been writing. I promise I really have been SO busy! I’ve used every spare moment of mine to plan for this wedding that is only 3.5 months away. Oh, and, I started a new job!

I left Devenir on good terms and have maintained great relationships with the beautiful women that work there. However, I am now working at Magnolia Salon with my very best friend. The salon is huge and full of energy and so much fun and it happens to be only 1.5 miles from the condo that I will call home in 111 days.

I am loving my new job so far! I just started on Tuesday. However, the transition from one salon to another while simultaneously planning my wedding has not been easy, thus my lack of time to write and give beauty tips! Outside of the salon at least 🙂

I want to write a little bit about wedding planning but I am worried it will bore everyone so I will try to keep that to a minimum. But I will talk about the fun ways we got to ask the people participating, at least just quickly 🙂

One of the things Jon and I were really excited about was asking the people around us to participate! We have been so overwhelmed with the responses we have received from our friends and families, and wanted to share in that love and joy even more. We are still in the works but just a few special people with special tasks that we wanted to ask in a special way. This started with my nieces and nephews. These kiddos are my favorite humans on earth. I have three nieces and two nephews ranging from age 7 to 11 months. They are complete babes and they fill my heart with more love and joy than I could have ever anticipated. I am so excited that Jon and I are getting married at a time when we can include each one of them, none of them are too old or too young to participate, so they all will 🙂 I wanted to ask them in a fun way, even though they knew they were going to be asked. The two older girls, Lana and Tate, kept calling themselves “wedding girls” and asking me when we would start looking for dresses, while my oldest nephew, Jonah, told me he did not want to be my “flower boy” or my “ring master”. I told him he didn’t have to be either but he did have to be my ring bearer 🙂

Because of Jonah’s hesitance and the girls’ excitement, we figured it was time to ask, and we should do it in a way that would be fun for them, mostly so we could bribe Jonah 😉 Anyways, we just ended up bringing them a card, which Lana and Tatum were able to read, that said “Will you be our flower girls and our ring bearers?” and gave the girls a bouquet of lollypops for flowers and the boys a ring pop.

photo%202-29 photo%201-31

They said yes! 🙂

I stupidly did not take a picture of the cupcakes I gave my bridesmaids, but I should have! I gave my six girls cupcakes with the letter B on them (for bridesmaid) with a card asking them to stand up there with me that day. It was a simple yet fun way to ask, and they were all excited about it, especially because the cupcakes were delicious.

Lastly, our pastor is a very close and dear friend of ours. Jon and I are so lucky to have such a great relationship with him and his wife, there was no question about whether or not he would be marrying us. Last year our friends Jen and Brent got married and they asked our pastor, Andrew, to marry them with a ring pop. We thought it was so cute and wanted to do something special as well. Andrew has a daughter that is one of the cutest babies that has ever existed, so we KNEW we had to include her.


He said yes too!

I know that Jon and I are not the most original, but this was part of our planning process that was SUPER fun and we wanted to make it fun for some of the people participating. Even last week we drove 15 hrs to North Carolina JUST so Jon could ask our friend to be one of his best men. Just kidding, we drove down to visit, but that was an added bonus 🙂

So far wedding planning has been SO much fun! Jon and I are really enjoying it and savoring every moment from meeting with vendors to researching registries. I’m kind of sad we already have so much planning done but I can’t wait to marry my best friend, I bet it will be kind of fun 😉

Thank you so much for reading! Can’t wait to share some of the fun hair I have been doing with the weather warming up. Have a great week and a happy monday! ❤

Behind the Scenes with She of the Woods

Good morning friends!

I wanted to share a few photos today from a very special afternoon with my friend Ashley and a beautiful couple.

I know I have mentioned before that I will be working with Ashley from She of the Woods photography this summer to offer complimentary styling for all of her engagement shoots. She takes BEAUTIFUL photos and she is so fun to work with, so you should definitely check her out!

When Ashley asked me to shoot with Lauren and Adam I was SO excited! This was only a few days following my engagement so I was very excited to share in their joy 🙂 Here are a few behind the scenes shots Ashley took on this lovely afternoon.

SheoftheWoods BTS-25 SheoftheWoods BTS-26 SheoftheWoods BTS-21 SheoftheWoods BTS-22 SheoftheWoods BTS-23 SheoftheWoods - BTS-8  SheoftheWoods - BTS-1

Lauren wanted something simple. She doesn’t usually do much to her hair and she wanted to stay true to that for the photos. For someone like this I figured a little curl that we could brush out would be perfect. As the day went on the waves would continue to fall even softer. I first smoothed out the front of her hair with a blow dryer and round brush, to get rid of any natural curl or wave she had, and then used a large (1.5 inch) curling iron, took big sections, and brushed all of the curls out. I only used a tiny bit of hairspray for fly aways, but didn’t want her hair to stay too curly or be too sticky for photos, especially for someone who likes a more natural look.

SheoftheWoods - BTS-9

She looked beautiful! (I am goofy).

SheoftheWoods - BTS-12 SheoftheWoods - BTS-14

No one worry, just me being super awkward. Ashley is definitely a photo genius, though.

SheoftheWoods - BTS-10

We had so much fun. Lauren and Adam were so sweet and you could really tell how much they loved each other by their interactions and their adorable photos!

SheoftheWoods - BTS-2

(And check out their pup! What a babe).

I am so grateful for experiences like these. To witness two complete love birds and work with someone through her creative processing. Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to follow She of the Woods on Instagram, “like” on Facebook, and check out her website!

Have a beautiful day! ❤

Who Run the World


Today I am writing for my women. I am writing for women because I am sick and tired of seeing all of the girls EVERY WHERE, including myself, hating on other women!

We become bitter if another woman is skinny, pretty, healthy, wealthy, successful, has more followers on IG, more likes on Facebook, a kind husband/boyfriend/fiance, a cute baby, a big house, a hold on life, a lot of friends, or happy.

Donald Miller wrote an article on how playing the victim really makes you the opposite. If we are going to play the victim all we are really doing is just manipulating others around us to feel sorry for us. If we were actually going to respond rightly we would just forgive and move on on our own time, instead of continuing to manipulate people around us into feeling pity for us.

So, I won’t pull the victim card, but all women have dealt with “mean girls” of some kind. I am hoping to encourage my followers and readers to seek ways to redeem this.

I know plenty of women who have encouraged me and others in so many ways, who don’t seem to let spite or jealousy affect them. I am so grateful for these women!

I hope that for every spiteful or bitter woman you meet there is a kind and encouraging friend to counteract. I hope that I can be one of these friends, and I am trying really hard to be more kind to others and helpful and encouraging instead of letting any of my insecurities change the way I respond to people.

I will be the first person to comment on how women treat each other. I will call anyone out for responding out of bitterness, I usually can’t wait to remark on how a woman is responding wrongly because of her own jealousy or insecurity, so much so that I am brought to the point where I respond to this attitude in a way that is catty and mean. I climb my high horse and talk about how women should love and encourage each other and not let ourselves respond out of insecurity and spite.

And then I meet a woman who is prettier than me, or funnier, or a better hairstylist, or can sing well, or clicks with EVERYONE THEY EVER MEET, and suddenly, I hate her. She is the enemy and I have 15,000,000 reasons to hate her. She suddenly becomes pretentious or she knows how great she is or she’s actually really not that funny, in my eyes at least. I start to become cynical towards her every move.

I know I am not alone here. We are so freaking messed up and our tactics for hating and loving other women have no rhyme or reason and they are really, really stupid. I know I am among many when I say these things. I have been a part of too many conversations, I have let myself say too many negative things surrounded by women consuming themselves and me consuming myself with negative thoughts and emotions and ideas about other women.
We should encourage our fellow women to speak only positively about others, not by judging them when they say something negative, but by being so positive ourselves that they have no choice but to be positive around us and hopefully around others.

I am not at all claiming that I am not among the many cynical and jealous women. I hope it is understood that I am fully in there, deep, in the wreckage, finding plenty of beautiful and smart and intelligent women to hate for whatever reason I can find. I just wanted to write to encourage myself and others to work on this. Be kind to others, especially to your fellow women. Build each other up. Affirm each other. When someone does something right, when she has a win, congratulate her, tell her she did a good job, support her. And when you’re with your other friends and you finally have the chance to say something negative about this girl’s win, choose to be positive. Choose to be happy for her and speak well of her and her accomplishment.

This is my hope and my prayer for myself and others ❤ Have a happy happy Friday.

Long & Beautiful Lashes


Hi friends!

I have been inspired to write about eyelashes because I am among the many women who have short and light eyelashes. Nothing more frustrating than seeing your fiancé or your nephews flaunt their long and beautiful eyelashes without the agony of standing in front of the mirror pounding mascara on for hours. And they cannot even fully appreciate this gift they’ve been given!

1.) Mascara

Your mascara will make ALL the difference! Invest in a good mascara. You will notice that professional product will actually last you longer and your lashes will be noticeably longer/thicker. Here are a few of my faves:


Dior Show

This mascara is awesome. The brush is big in size, it gives your lashes GREAT volume and its incredibly buildable.


Studio Fix by MAC

This mascara is perfect for someone who has long lashes but is looking for definition. It is a great mascara but may not add quite as much length and volume for someone who is lacking in this area, however it is PERFECT for someone who needs to darken and define their already beautiful lashes!


Faux Lash Mascara by Laura Mercier

This is the mascara that I am currently using. It makes my lashes long and thick and it gives me great volume! This is my personal favorite because it is incredibly sensitive. My eyes water when I stand too close to a window (I’m very sensitive) and my eyes are never irritated when wearing this mascara. Yet it still gives me great definition!

2.) Eyelash Tinting

Meet with your esthetician and find out if eyelash tinting is a service he/she even offers, however, this is a great solution for anyone with light lashes. Tinting them to a darker color can give them just the boost they need to create a more intense and defined effect.

3.) Eyelash Extensions


There are all sorts of eyelash extensions. I am a BIG fan! Everyone always asks me if your lashes fall out when the extensions fall out, the answer is no! Your natural lash will only come out if you pick and pull at the extensions, which my obsessive compulsive hands have been known to do. They usually last about 2 1/2-4 weeks before you need a fill, and if you do not get a fill it will probably be about a month and a half to two months before all of the extensions fall out. You can also decide how intense you want the lashes to be, if you want to just do a partial or invest in a full set, its up to you!

lashes shutterstock_134275850

4.) Eyelash Growth Serums

I have heard wonder stories and horror stories. I know there were rumors that some would change the color of your eye, and I’ve also heard that that was only the case for one person. I would suggest an all natural serum, and to be aware of what you’re putting on your lashes, and be careful of your eyeballs 🙂 I have been using Revitalash Advanced Serum for a few months and it seems to be making a huge difference! It takes time at first but after a few weeks you can really notice a difference!

5.) Falsies

Putting falsies on can be a pain but the more you practice it, the easier it will become! If you want the look of falsies every day I would suggest investing in eyelash extensions, but if you are just looking for it for an event, these are perfect! I have been really happy with the brand Ardell, which you can buy at any drug store. However if you’re looking to get fancy you could always try a fun pair like these ones by MAC ;



Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely evening and a happy Wednesday! ❤


Hi friends!
I am so sorry I haven’t posted in so long. Last week was so crazy for so many wonderful and sad reasons and I haven’t had a spare moment to share my thoughts on life and love and beauty.
Last week was SO wonderful because my kind, selfless, and ridiculously handsome boyfriend proposed to me in the city that I love.
Jon and I have been together for a year and half and it has been wonderful, beautiful, difficult, encouraging, hard work, and most of all, completely and totally under God’s provision.

He picked me up from work last Tuesday, May 27th, and took me to Prospect Park in Providence. In front of our city, Jon said to me “do you love me?”, I said “yes”, and he said “enough to marry me?”. I started giggling like a 14 year old girl, and Jon got down on one knee and pulled out my ring. I OF COURSE said yes.

photo%203-22 photo%204-21

Jon and I have been talking about our lives together for months, so I thought I was prepared for this moment, but I was still in total shock! We were both shaking as he put the ring on my finger. Neither of us had any idea what to do after because it was just a totally surreal moment.

After it happened we went to dinner with our home group from church and listed the reasons we loved our friend Kyle who was planning his move to North Carolina. He cried, Jon cried, I cried, I think everyone cried. We said goodbye with love and joy and celebrated our engagement with people we love.

I have NEVER received so much love and joy from the people around me. I have never felt so overwhelmed with joy. I wish I could relive the moments of this week over and over again. My heart felt so full. Full of gratitude to my God for blessing me in SO many ways, not just with Jon, but with a community to celebrate joy, and to say a sad goodbye with. I felt full of love for the man of my dreams. I felt full of sadness but contentedness in saying goodbye to a man who had so quickly become one of my best friends.

We are planning our wedding for this fall so I have devoted every spare moment to wedding planning, that is why I haven’t been writing. But I promise to return and update on all of my hair tips and all of my thoughts and feelings about love and Jesus. And maybe, if I get crafty, I will share some of my wedding ideas and DIY projects! 🙂

Thank you for reading! Here are just a few pictures from the day ❤

photo%201-30 photo%202-28

The next day was my birthday. We went to dinner at Gracie’s and grabbed drinks with my cousin (MOH) after ❤



I cannot wait to marry this wonderful man!