Brunettes ; Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Hi friends!

With August coming to an end, fall is right around the corner (how crazy is that?). I wanted to write for my brunette girls. I am always sharing pictures of ombre’s and highlights and reds and not that all of those are not sooo fun, but I never talk about the brunettes! Which is sad, because I am one (shh, don’t tell anyone) 😉

What I want to say first to anyone who is a brunette or looking into being a brunette, is that you should always have dimension, at least in my opinion. For most natural brunettes, you will already have dimension from being in the sun or not being in the sun or just not having any color in your hair. My nieces have these beautiful highlights in their hair that just show up every summer; people pay a lot of money to have hair that gorgeous!

For anyone who is a brunette, there is a great way to easily transition from a beautiful warm summer brown to a rich and cool autumn brown.

A lot of my brunette clients this summer have wanted some balayage highlights or ombre’s. I am still definitely not over either of these trends, especially when they’re done in a soft and natural way. For these girls, I would suggest sticking with warmer/golden tones for the summer. Summer is about being tan and being well rested and wearing less makeup, so match your hair to that. Invest in soft bronzy and honey golden tones.

Colors like this ;

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Here are a few I’ve done this summer ;

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

For fall, this can actually be a very easy transition!

Stick with your dimension. That should stay all year round 🙂 But go for a cooler tone. Whether you stay at the same level or go darker, your browns should be cooler, icier brunette tones for cooler seasons. These are a few of my favorites;

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To go from summer to winter, just get a glaze! You’ll just need to do an all over color, roots-to-ends, that will tone the honey and goldens to cool ashy colors. If you have any kind of highlights, it would be a good idea to use a different color on the lighter pieces, so you still have the dimension. It’s the perfect way to transition into the next season!

Thank you so much for reading! Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions! Happy season of pumpkin flavored everything ❤


Mrs. Mancuso

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share a few photos from a shoot I did with my friend Jen. Let’s be honest, I’m no She of the Woods, but I like to snap a few pics now and then. I wanted to take pictures of Jen because first of all, she is stunning. Secondly, she has beautiful hair and it has been so much fun playing with her color every time she visits.

jen2 jen4

jen3 jen7


Jen has been red FOREVER so it was a little bit easier to make her color brighter and bolder once I got my hands on her hair. We just decided to add some of the copper recently to change things up a bit. Jen is the cutest and she is super fun, she needs to have beautiful and bold hair to match her personality ❤

IMG_6603 IMG_6716


IMG_6777 IMG_6784

I am always thrilled with how Jen’s hair comes out. It literally  ALWAYS looks good no matter how she styles it! Not all of us are so lucky 🙂

Thanks for reading and checking out a few of my shots! Jen was the perfect model and I am so lucky to have this beautiful lady in my life!


Catching up

Hi guys!!

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Easter weekend! Just wanted to share a bit about my wonderful weekend and catch up on some of the hair I have done the last couple of weeks 🙂


We had the most amazing service at church Easter morning. [Sanctuary church, PVD]. God was totally working through the leaders and the hearts of everyone that day. We had a packed service full of students, young professionals, and families. Everyone was full of love and joy and it was beautiful. I wish my heart felt this full every moment of every day.


My favorite man and I went to brunch at the Grange on the west side of Providence for an easter date before he had to get on a plane and leave me on my favorite holiday 😦 But we did get to celebrate at church and at our brunch date, joined by his lovely sister. He is starting a new job this week for a laboratory, which is why he had to fly out on Easter. He is most definitely one of the most hardworking people I know, and I am so proud of him and so happy I can be a part of his journey!


Then I spent the evening with my family and these ridiculously cute kiddos. Getting a good picture of the five of them was tougher than you can imagine.


We tried our best!

I know few people care about the small details of my life, I just wanted to share because my weekend was so wonderful and full of joy, hope, and redemption. I had a pretty rough week last week but this was such a good reminder that all things, including me, have been made new. And there is so much to choose to be joyful about.

Anyways, back to hair!


This is one of my blonde clients that I have been working hard on. Before seeing me she had been going to a stylist who just continued to bleach out her hair at the roots. We just do a very heavy foil so that she has dimension yet she can still be Barbie blonde 🙂

photo%203-11 photo%204-11

photo%201-15 photo%204-10


Two more ombre’s from the last couple of weeks, my favorite!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend with family or friends, or maybe just catching up on sleep 🙂 Happy Tuesday!


Sombres, Ombres, Balayage, and Flamboyage

Hi friends!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week, and enjoying some of the warm weather we’ve been getting, even if it is a little rainy!

As the weather is warming up, I have been busy lightening a lot of my guests hair. So I wanted to write a post comparing the ombre, sombre, balayage highlights and flamboyage highlights because I feel like everyone has been asking. If you are interested in one of these techniques, make sure you are very clear with you are stylist about exactly what you are looking for, because these styles are all very similar it can be confusing, so I wanted to distinguish between the four so that you know exactly how to express the look you are going for to your stylist!


I have already created a post on the ombre so I will keep my information short and sweet. The ombre is your classic dark roots to lighter ends. This transition can STILL be natural while being noticeable. It can include an in between color on the mids of the hair for a softer transition but this is not necessary, it just depends on what you are looking for! I would almost classify the sombre, balayage highlights and flamboyage highlights as different branches of the ombre tree, because that is where this look initially got popular. You  cannot go wrong with choosing the ombre! It is easy, because when your roots grow out, you don’t have to worry about getting them done, you just enjoy your beautifully lightened ends. Just make sure you express how soft or natural you would like the ombre to look. Even people who are not stylists can notice a box ombre. Nothing worse than that straight line through the hair!

Here are a few different examples of ombre’s I have done.

photo%204-6 photo%202-10

This specific lovely guest of mine has slowly been going lighter and lighter with her ombre. She wants the more intense dark to light contrast. In order for her to get this light we had to lighten her slowly, which is why she had more of a transitional in-between color (on the left), which we were able to tone to give her really soft golden and copper undertones. We are continuing to lighten her to get her to the color on the right, so that you can really see the contrast.


This is your every day ombre. You can really see the transition but there is no line, it is soft and natural. That is the key to a good ombre. This lovely lady was looking for something dramatic yet still very natural. I first did a root color to darken and enrich her base color and then we lightened her ends and toned them to that perfect light golden honey color. One of my favorites!


This was a fun dramatic short hair ombre I was able to do! You can see the lighter pieces are higher in a few places to add to the dimension of the hair.


This ombre was so much fun! She was looking for a red base color with a coppery undertone to her light pieces, that wouldn’t turn pink or fade to a weird brassy color. We lightened her ends a bit more so they could be an even lighter and brighter blonde, with the pretty copper color on her mids.


Lastly, I wanted to make sure I shared a picture of a much more intense ombre. Brittany wanted something very dramatic and noticeable. We lightened ALL of her ends and did not leave a single piece out. I was SO happy with the results! It was perfect for her hair as she got ready for the warm weather 🙂


One of my recent posts was all about the 2014 hair trends and I expressed that the sombre is certainly one of them. It is an incredibly natural way to lighten the hair for the ombre style. You can still have the darker roots to lighter ends contrast, but if you look closely there are some very finely weaved foils throughout the hair to create a much more natural look. It is so soft that you can’t even see the major contrast. This is a great way to ligthen your hair if you are not looking for that extreme ombre look, although both styles can be beautiful : )


Leanne was looking for something different. She wanted to be a little bit lighter but did not want to be blonde, and still wanted dimension. If you look closely at this picture, you can see the contrast from her darker roots to the lighter ends, but as you can tell it is so soft. We did a few heavy face framing foils in the front with a few very soft and natural foils throughout the hair so that the transition would be incredibly subtle. We were both so pleased with the results!

photo%202-12 photo%201-13

This transition is slightly more noticeable as you can see the lighter pieces that come to the root. But the biggest thing you notice when looking at these pictures, is how much lighter the ends are. The highlights that come to the root are thin enough that Allison will not notice her roots quite as much when they begin to come in, but she is still noticeably blonde. This was perfect for Allison because she wanted to be light without having to deal with such a dramatic root.

Balayage highlights

Balayage highlights do not necessarily have to look like an ombre. You can just balayage a few pieces so that you have some slight dimension in your hair. It is a great way to lighten the ends of your hair while still looking very natural.


Beth was looking for some lightness through the ends of her hair without looking like an ombre. I brought a few pieces up a little higher and left a few just towards the ends of the hair. We went for a red/brown base and balayaged some warm golden pieces. As you can tell this is clearly not the same as an ombre, but there is some great dimension, without coming to the root!

IMG_5852 IMG_5854

I brought these balayage pieces a little bit higher up so that they would appear even more natural. This way, when her roots grow out, you will not be able to tell at all, but she is noticeably significantly lighter!


I wrote so little about balayage highlights because I figured I would further explain them here. The flamboyage highlights are very similar to balayage highlights, but they are a specific technique to Davines. The only major difference is that there are actually flamboyage strips designed to get this exact type of look. Bringing the hair up however high will create more, or less, of an ombre effect. I have become obsessed with flamboyage highlights because a.) it is a unique technique designed by Davines, and b.) it is an easy way to softly and naturally highlight the hair, allowing as much dimension as I choose!


This beautiful young woman wanted an ombre but she wanted it to be incredibly natural, so the flamboyage was perfect for her! I just took quite a few sections and flamboyaged them so that she would have an ombre effect but it would be incredibly soft.


For Mary, I used flamboyage highlights for a more natural effect coming close to the root, and did a more normal ombre technique on her ends. This gave her a lot of dimension, with a softer and more natural transition, but still allowing her roots to be her natural color.


Jen wanted a red to copper ombre that would not be too extreme since the colors were already so dimensional.

The flamboyage technique can be used for an ombre style, or you can just add a few pieces to create a sun-kissed look. Either way, it can be really beautiful!

I hope this information was helpful. Please do your research if you are going to go for one of these styles, so that you will know exactly what to express to your stylist! Can’t wait to keep lightening away : ) Thanks for reading!


The art of the ombré


I decided for my very first blog post, I should talk about one of my favorite hairstyles. This is a picture of one of my lovely clients, Chelsea. I did Chelsea’s ombré this year and it was so very perfect for her hair. I LOVE ombrés and I do them relatively often. People are always afraid to do the ombré because they think it won’t look good with straight hair, or it will just look like their roots are coming in. Sometimes, honestly, specific hairstyles are not for everyone. BUT if your ombré is done correctly it will usually be beautiful. The secret to a fabulous ombré is making sure you know what tone you’re going for. If you walk in and tell your stylist you just want an ombré, she may not know exactly what you’re looking for. Do you want it to be warm with golden and/or copper tones? Or are you looking for something cool, icy, intense, and ashy?

For Chelsea, we went with a darker root. Her natural root was only a couple levels lighter than this. It is not always absolutely necessary to do a root color with an ombré, but if you’re looking for that extra dimension, adding a root color would be the right way to go! I mixed a cool, dark chocolate brown for her root color, lifted her ends with lightener, and toned with a neutral blonde. We didn’t want her ends to be too warm or too cool, so I decided on a neutral and natural toner to blend in with the rest. Chelsea went from a faded, mousy brown to a dimensional and fun ombré in just a few hours!

This was such a fun project for me and I am so excited for many more of these!